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Em. 19. Belgian. Life-lover and foodaddict. Crazy chick. Sassy and not taking anyone's sh*t.

This blog is about loving my body & my life.I want to become fitter, healthier and better at kicking anyone's ass.

But above all it's my blog. I post things about how I feel and about my life and things I find funny and it won't all be just fitblr stuff ;) You can ask me anything you want! For more questions: check my "About me" page! If you're looking for info or check out my tags, click HERE.


I'm perfectly fluent in Dutch and English, I speak quite a lot of French and I can manage myself (a bit) in German and Spanish, so come and talk to me!! <3

I'm part of The Fitblr Party Group & The Fitblr Network, and we can always use great fitblrs to join!



If you're a fitblr following me, send me an ask to let me know and I'll follow you back! :)

Things I love

I <3 Fashion!

Love yourself!



& More


Watching Harry Potter while on the elliptical… combining  working out with pure pleasure! ;)

I might not have my life all figured out, but at least I have figured this out! XD

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    You are a genius. I could do a HP marathon and work out for the entire time
  3. thehealthyyhabits heeft gezegd: I do this! :) With the big bang theory though :)
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